Law Office of

Timothy M. Michaels

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Practice Areas

Civil Work:

  • Contracts / Leases / Agreements:  Whether you are seeking to create a well drafted agreement, or to have a contract or lease reviewed, our office will advise you of the pro's and con's of the terms of the agreement and provide you with the information you need to know to negotiate effectively.  

  • Real Estate / Quiet Title / Adverse Possession:  The natural gas boom in our area has created a number of problems for landowners.  You may not be receiving any royalties or part of the royalties you are entitled to because there is cloud on the title to your land.  You may also experience people coming out of the woodwork trying to claim an interest in your property.  You need an experienced attorney to walk you through these issues and to develop an effective strategy for success. We can help. 

  • Divorce / Custody / Support:  You divorce is likely going to be the most emotional issue you face in your lifetime.  At the Law Office of Timothy Michaels, you can expect that you will guided through the divorce, custody, and support processes and that you will be treated with dignity and respect.  You can also expect that we will attempt to resolve your issues in the minimum amount of time and expense so that you can restart your life without losing all of your assets to unnecessary legal fees.

  • Municipal Work / Zoning:  As a trial lawyer and a zoning hearing board solicitor for two townships, Attorney Michaels has experience representing both sides of the law.  Whether you are seeking a Variance, an Appeal of a zoning determination or you have been served with a notice of Non-Conformity, our office can represent you.

  • Litigation:   With over 11 years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, you can expect that your case, regardless of the issues involved, will be handled knowledgably, professionally, and with your best interests in mind. 

Criminal Work:

  •  Have you been Arrested?   DUI / Assault / Drug Offenses / Fraud / Forgery:    The Law Office of Timothy Michaels can handle your criminal case from the Preliminary Hearing through to the trial.  You can expect to have the facts of your case reviewed fully to determine if your rights were violated and to protect you from unreasonable charges.  Attorney Michaels is an experienced negotiator and will work hard to have your charges reduced or dismissed.  His rates are reasonable and payment plans are accepted.